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cubson VS extools

I have just finished making cubson that can be used in English. I will check some features, put it to the download page and start writing documents. Cubson might become one of good tools that support module developers. Cubson has … Continue reading

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Action Strategy

XCube doesn’t have full-fledged framework because it isn’t development framework. ‘Framework’ is coming to have significance for PHP, and sticks pins into PHP programer. Therefore, I don’t want to use this word ‘Framework’ to untrigger extra discussions. (‘Framework’ is given … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1 Distribution Diagram

XOOPS Cube 2.1 Alpha 3 will be coming soon. Most features of all XOOPS2 features except notifications are emulated by Legacy modules. Some features are implemented by Delegate. For example, backend.php was deleted once. The old backend depends on the … Continue reading

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Price Difference between Japan and the United States

The book translated in Japan is high price. I examined the price difference of some books that many game programmers often read. I examined about the following books: • Game Programming Gems series • GPU Gems series • The Cg … Continue reading

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Baseball game Internet Live

There is some LIVE baseball online services in Japan. Games of Hiroshima Toyo Carp that is my favorite baseball club is not broadcasted enough to Tokyo I’m living. Therefore, I use LIVE baseball online. I often use LIVE service of … Continue reading

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XoopsObject Extends Life

XoopsObject is one of the worst classes at XOOPS. Onokaz admitted it. But, it’s difficult to introduce new classes now. I think that most module developments will become RAD base. Therefore, if the code of the class is cleaned up, … Continue reading

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Third Way

XOOPS Cube Developers Ring is Third Way in XOOPS. Xoops official is centralism. And, they have established the XOOPS foundation. XOOPS Cube official is trying to smash the hierarchical world and the differences between official and 3rd party. Nobody wants … Continue reading

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