Yamaguchi 100 HAGI-O-KAN MARANIC

I took part in the strange competition with my family. It’s one of the most famous maranic (marathon + picnic) in Japan that is called “Yamaguchi 100 HAGI-O-KAN MARANIC”. There are courses of 250 km, 140 km, 70 km and 35 km for running & walking. I walked 35km after an absence of six years. Six years ago, I ran 35 km and got hurt. Our reason selected walking was that my mother has been sick and I couldn’t practice enough.

The time-record of 35 km walking isn’t recorded. Therefore, we enjoyed walking & running. My father runs 70 km every year, and I wish to run 70 km next year with him.

In case of maranic, runners have to run in a mountain. Which do you like better, maranic or city-marathon? I’d like maranic because I can pass in the nature. HAGI-O-KAN MARANIC was selected as No.1 competition by marathon magazine “Runners”. See the following views:


Most of runners starts from Rurikoji (Template) Five-storied Pagoda.

HAGI-O-KAN is an old stone road that is opened up in 1604 by samurais. It’s difficult for running, but beautiful.

That’s Japan’s classic views. Townsmen are impressed by the ambience.

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