Two new site has been launched

Two famous XOOPS developers launched new site. These sites are available now, were appended to XC Developers Ring.

One of them is RYUSLABO which is ryuji’s new site and built with XC 2.1. You can read old entries of his old site and his latest entries there. As far as I know, it is the only site which is built by XC 2.1.

Another one is ‘‘ which is nobunobu’s new site for XC 2.1. He built it to tidy his complex contents of his old site. nobunobu is famous as ‘WordPress’ of XOOPS developer and member of XC core team. He’ll publish a lot of interesting contents about hack in this site.

It is possible to read interested contents about XC 2.1 or other at these site. These site are “only Japanese” as of now. You may be able to read these contents with your mother language by translation service, if you can’t read Japanese.

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