Price Difference between Japan and the United States

The book translated in Japan is high price. I examined the price difference of some books that many game programmers often read.

I examined about the following books:

• Game Programming Gems series
• GPU Gems series
• The Cg Tutorial
• Real-Time collision detection
• Real-Time Shader Programming by Ron Fonser

The price difference of each book is different. Why? You need to understand that the bookstore in the United States can be discounted, but the bookstore in Japan isn’t allowed to be discounted. In Japan, you can not see the bargain sale in the bookstore. It is one of the causes of the price difference.

Surprisingly, the Gems series of Japan is twice the price in the United States. Since I checked the price difference, I will hope to buy the original though I cannot read English. I bought some books from by Amazon only claims a little carriage.

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