C++ and C# are different in VisualStudio

Any source codes written in C# look beautiful. In contrast, source codes written in C++ look bad. I had thought that C# is next generation languages than C++, and has good looks.

This morning, I talked this topic to teammate in the office. My friend pointed out that the different shall be a little if the program is made in the 3D game engine that has GC feature. For example:

SceneNode *node = mSceneManager->getRootNode()->createChildeNode(…);

SceneNode node = mSceneManager.RootNode.createChildeNode(…);

C# looks smart than C++ but it’s nothing much. And so, we noticed that color scanner of C++ and C# in VisualStudio is big difference. C++ looks simple and flat because most codes are displayed by black. But, C# codes are displayed by various colors.

It may be difficult to parse C++ code for IDE because C++ has troublesome #define and typedef. After all, we came to know that the display of C++ in VisualStudio is simpler than C#. This may be the reason why C++ looks bad.

Why didn’t we have noticed it until now…?

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