We need killer application for XCube_Service

Now, XOOPS Cube development team is reviewing the test edition of XCube_Service and its possibility. We have already developed a basic abstract layer about service client. It was very easy, because it’s just an adapter. And, we learned that an adapter is simple solution for abstract layer under complex conditions, in that development. But, an abstract client is an easy subject. Because it has no difference between inner service and outer service.

However, the abstract service has to have a lot of parameters for working as a web service. If it’s inner service, it doesn’t need strict definitions for WSDL. But, that service has to have strict definitions when users run it as a web service, whether that’s inner service. These matters have been written before.

We have to make sample modules to test the usage. I have already developed one module and three hacking file, and sent these files to development team. These files can check that XCube_Service class group works rightly. But, functions of these files are a joke, which doesn’t show any possibility about XCube_Service. For many users to come to play with abstract service, we have to plan some interesting modules which use XCube_Service features.

XOOPS Cube will get the feature of the web service. But, I can’t imagine the killer module which brings interesting experience to all users. If the module can switch a client and a service without big difference, the module may get the feature like P2P.

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