extoolsD Project

Cubson is the result of the extoosD project. extoolsD bases on the experience of extools. I wrote about XCube_ActionStrategy before. That’s the empty framework for developers. Because the core doesn’t force any framework styles to module developers, they can use their framework style at XOOPS Cube. Some popular frameworks may be ported. And, some original frameworks for XOOPS Cube may appear.

ExtoolsD isn’t one of tools. That is the dynamic link library for developers who want to develop their tool environment. PHP isn’t alone language for XOOPS Cube community. Plus, modules aren’t alone program for developers in XOOPS Cube community. Please understand that all of tools for XOOPS Cube are the target for XOOPS Cube community.

Cubson is a sample, which uses extoolsD.dll. ExtoolsD library makes it easy to develop various tools.

If you can’t enjoy to develop modules, enjoy to develop RAD tools. If you can’t enjoy to develop RAD tools, enjoy developing FTP applications for XOOPS Cube. The huge community can share your excellent programs.

In addition, the group of tool developers is a kind of community. Enjoy developing various results with us. If you can’t write any programs, you may write documents!

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