Today’s Report

I had a cold again. Recently I catch a cold at weekend. My blog had been closed for 2 days…

Well… we have tuned up many files in user module of XOOPS Cube 2.1. And, I got that some important features became no able to work by the change at Alpha3-4. Global search service was developed with old XCube_Service class. But, because XCube_Service have been changed greatly, the global search service can’t work now. The design of XCube namespace will be decoded in Beta2. Therefore, we will recover this class with a temporary design now.

All action forms of user module have been tuned up already. Those classes had many problems, too. Plus, there is another problem that all of action classes aren’t uniformed because cubson have been updated sometimes. To clean up those code, we had to modify in the hand work. Such problem is one of weak points of cubson.

In addition, some important bugs in Alpha3 was fixed by some great reports. We’re grateful for great reporters’ help.

I’ll commit these change to CVS tomorrow.

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