My Memo

I could not write blog because I’m busy to prepare XTC2006. Also, I became unable to check software which I have to check. Some important and interesting software for me have been released.

This is script driven graphics engine which has interesting GUI tool. I’m surprised that such engines have been developed by open source. In proprietary middleware, a engine which has GUI from the first, is not uncommon. Many middleware is developed with the design of GUI tools. But, in open source software, a GUI tool is an option. Many engines are requested to implement functions as graphics engines. But, if a engine is used by end users, it’s important that a engine is designed for tools from the first. Also, important things of XOOPS Cube are not API for programmers but rules for RAD tools.

OGRE3D 1.2.2
I have never checked OGRE since 1.2.0. And, I have never read the forum in OGRE since last month. I might not be able to check these posts until next month. I want to contribute reports to OGRE through test. (But, I have to complete XOOPS Cube before OGRE)

I should add these task to my GTD.

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