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XNA Express Beta start! But…

Microsoft has just released XNA Game Studio Express Beta download. I’ll join to test this beta. But, I have to give priority to Beta of XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.0. Umm… Because I will be too busy in September, I had … Continue reading

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Cubson may need change?

The virtual service class of XCube namespace is an actual definition for business logic. The sub class of XCube_Service is able to connect with other modules, other sites and smart clients like a mobile phone. Developers will use XCube_Service to … Continue reading

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Valid HTML CMS possibility

In a history of XOOPS2, many designers have called table-tag based template of XOOPS2 in doubt. And so, I decided to try to make Shade as valid HTML template. But, table-tag base template is also useful, because it’s easy to … Continue reading

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I have to develop XCube_Service of XOOPS Cube layer! Then, that class has to be reviewed by other members of the project team. For that, I made ‘Shade Laboratory‘. Sorry! That’s Japanese only. XOOPS Cube layer has two unfixed features. … Continue reading

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I’m looking forward to XNA express edition. This is the first big news since Wonder Witch amd Saturn Basic for developers who have forgotten to enjoy game development. And, this will become new purpose for Buddha project, which is C# … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube Manifesto and Tool

We may be unable to fix the manifesto format of XOOPS Cube until Cube Legacy 2.1.0. Because it isn’t must spec yet, we want to try develop the prototype tool. The manifesto of XOOPS Cube is a basic data which … Continue reading

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BRYCE 5.0 Free Download

I was BRYCE 3 user for a long time ago. Last month, I wanted latest version of BRYCE to use it at home. But, because the update cost is expensive, I decided to try another software. And, I bought Vue5 … Continue reading

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