Loglog update

We, Japanese are on obon. Obon is the cultus of Buddhism and a kind of summer vacation in Japan. Because I took 5 days off, I came back to Hiroshima with mac mini, which I have installed Eclipse and ssh key file for sourceforge. By this mac mini, I can commit and checkout, in my parent’s home.

LAMP environment on Mac and my usual LAMP environment on Windows are different. Because that difference triggers some errors I haven’t known, I can fix those bugs. Also, I have fixed some bugs of loglog. You may download loglog 0.21 here.

And, I have developed the simple lexical scanner for SQL, which is a one of goals shown in Roadmap. Next, I’ll adjust message catalogs. If we finish these tasks, we will be able to release Alpha4-c when I’ll return to Tokyo.

My friends in xoopscube.org forum are worried that I may be busy in vacation. Thank you very much. But, don’t worry. Development is my hobby, and many bug reports support me. I’m enjoying fixing bugs. And, I’ll go to watch a baseball game in the Hiroshima Citizen Stadium with my old friends. This is quality time very much.

I’m enjoying this vacation enough. Enjoy testing new features of XOOPS Cube, if you want and you are on a vacation.

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