Valid HTML CMS possibility

In a history of XOOPS2, many designers have called table-tag based template of XOOPS2 in doubt. And so, I decided to try to make Shade as valid HTML template. But, table-tag base template is also useful, because it’s easy to handle for end-users.

Maybe, the best solution is the XLST + XML template. By this solution, we can handle both valid HTML template and un-valid HTML template. But, I had forgotten the important thing. Who can handle such difficult system? Even if it’s not XLST + XML but just valid template, it’s difficult enough for end users.

For professional designers, valid HTML template is a big news. Because, they can adjust HTML and CSS with complete control. Of course, they know XLST + XML well. But, the end user in the web world like me, is never able to control such technical things.

Look at this example. Many designers hate the following HTML.

<font color=’red’>{$date}</fonr><br/> / {$}

That’s really un-valid. But, a end user can change its color by template manager. (If the background color of his theme is red, he has to change font color)

If the template is a valid HTML? He might have to change CSS. Therefore, dynamic CSS mechanism and CSS manager are must spec. And, if he want to change the position of items, he have to change both template and CSS with CSS knowledge. That’s really unpossible for end users.

For valid HTML template, we have to have the precondition that is “a end user can’t modify HTML and CSS” (Because XOOPS is a toy for hobby). And, themes will have both a template and CSS of modules in principle. RapidWeaver has such system. And professional designers’ contribution will be must.

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