Cubson has gone to

I started to move all the resources of cubson to XOOPS-Shade project page in However, I have regreted that I made the project page in is greater repository than It’s the best solution for us. Because has many excellent features and UTF-8. English is available in, but nobody wants to recommend this repository to our friends of the world.

However, I don’t want to have the 0% activity project page which is including “XOOPS Cube” to its name. So I will continue to keep XOOPS-Shade project in until after cubson will be an good international tool. After then, we will move these pages to

Of course, I welcome your messages written in English. And I will prepare documents in English. The URLs about cubson is the following.

Project top page

Release news are in this page. can publish RSS, but can’t do it. Umm…, these news are Japanese only, now. I need easy news for Japanese to collect enough members. Ummm…


You may be surprised at the position of Google adsence. This site looks an affiliate site. But, this is our discussion forum. Writing needs your account. If you don’t have your account in, let’s register.

Bug Tracker

This is the bug tracker system for cubson. You need your account to report there.


This is one of difficult things in English, because this Wiki is for Japanese. But, I have written many documents in poor English. I will keep preparing the documents for the future project page in This wiki is free and you don’t need your account.

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