Can’t touch source code…

I can’t touch source code now, because I’m very busy under limited network environment. To develop XOOPS Cube, I have to go back to my home. But, it’s impossible that I go back to my home every night. In addition, when I come back to home, I have a few time to prepare new clothes, but can’t do other tasks.

Mr. nobunobu is doing fixes and patches now. But, he is very busy, too.

December is the most busy month in Japan. Japanese calls December “Shiwasu”. “Shiwasu” is an ancient word meaning that the great professor has to run around everywhere to finish his tasks as well as young men.

Members in the dev team have to do their work in their company. But, they have requested checking to the community and the community does its best to do it. We will get new Beta instead of RC.

BTW, Japanese site is the special official site on XOOPS Cube’s anarchism. But the site will follow the anarchism and remove a title from its site name. And, the dev team will go to the sourceforge. They had wanted to do it at the same time as RC. But, they might handle the plan as an independent plan. At least, Japanese site will publish its renewal plan to be one of sites as well as other nations’ sites.

Just keep your fingers crossed so that I can be home at Christmas.

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