Japanese community started to remove ‘official’ title

I and Mr. nobunobu take a business trip nearly every week this month. That’s tough schedule. And it’s the cause which makes development stop. After we will return from our business trip, we will release Beta 4 as the last release of this year. We already posted the change log and Mr. ayumi prepared the release news.

RC will be released next month. But, I have to go to the development camp of my company from Dec 30th to Jan 10th. Therefore, I can not touch XCube RC while I’m in the camp. The dev team will clear incomplete tasks as ‘known issue’.

I don’t have been able to develop XCube enough this month. I had few hours to do it as well as all other members. These days are final big test for the first dev team. In this final process, we will do the following:

  • We will move the official project page to sourceforge.net.
  • We will make the dev team open under some international conventions.
  • We will delegate the community management to hot users. Our opinion is that developers don’t need to be leader of the community.

Until now, we have needed Japanese closed dev team for rapid development. But, we will be able to explain Cube’s concept through source code in the near future. And, we will not need to discuss complex subjects in English. In other words, we will become able to finish closed team and Japanese team in the same time.

Because many Japanese like better the power game than open source development, our way will be discussed. I think Japanese people have freedom to do the power game. But, developers don’t have any impositions to join it. In other words, developers have freedom to wish not to do the power game. Each freedom should be respected.

And, they who love the power game should not get the authority of the international project, just because they are Japanese people. XOOPS Cube is not for Japanese only. And, Japanese users are not special in XOOPS Cube. But, I think this concept brings true freedom to Japanese users at the last time.

xoopscube.org doesn’t intervene in the administration of each community. We want to be friend of French and others, but we are not administrators in them. xoopscube.org is not the centralism to control others. Also Japanese community will get freedom.

If there are not hot users enough in Japan, XOOPS Cube community in Japan will be death. If there are hot users enough in Japan, XOOPS Cube community in Japan will evolve under free sky.

All results will be guided by not developers’ impositions but users’ zeal. I will receive any results Japanese users will choose, even if it is destruction.

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