I got flagMOTION which is a low polygon modeller and animation creation toll like MilkShape 3D. This tool is used to create MOD as well as MilkShape.

But, it seems that flagMOTION has an interesting feature. This tool can load BVH from Poser or BioVision. Therefore, I may be able to use flagMOTION as an animation merge tool. I’ll try it.

In addition, flagMOTION can export data as OGRE XML model data. It sounds interesting.

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3 Responses to flagMOTION

  1. Anonymous says:

    Very interested to hear your comments about fragmotion. Just how useful is it?

  2. minahito says:

    fragMOTION has excellent animation feature than MilkShape3D. But, when I have to handle a complex model which consists of many many vertexes, it’s difficult to select vertexes to tie with a born and a weight. Because fragMOTION doesn’t provide weight-paint feature. And, for DirectX, fragMOTION exports only DirectX8 mesh. It seems to impossible to export correct data for DirectX9.

  3. Anonymous says:

    L != R

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