CVS Report

  • Fix bug #9947. This trouble was reported by toplan and pathed by GIJOE. Thank you very much.
  • Fix bug #9862. Just TYPO. MisterH, thank you for report.
  • Try to fix bug #9926. JUST TYPO. Thanks for Richard’s report and Okuhiki’s patch. I don’t know whether this fix has solved troubles that Richard encountered. I’ll check it.
  • Fix bug #9931. XOOPS Cube Legacy might have more Notices about references. Keep efforts to remove them. The dev team welcome reports & patches.
  • A small preload “Legacy_InstallerChecker” was added to Legacy. This preload displays warning to remove the install directory and stops starting, when a site owner still has not removed it. About it, a new template was added. But, it is not listed in xoops_version, because it is system file template as well as the site-close template.

If you are a developer on CVS, you might think the last preload is a trouble. Here is a site preload file to prevent the blocker. Put the following program as preload/InstallWarnBlocker.class.php.

if (!defined(“XOOPS_ROOT_PATH”)) exit();

class InstallWarnBlocker extends XCube_ActionFilter
function preFilter()

Because it’ easy to block warnings, old warning was not removed which warns the left install directory on the control panel.

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