Modifier and Constraint

Modifier is unknown word for most Japanese people. But, this is common word in 3D tools. It’s important that developers don’t need to change original data. Normally, in 3D tools, modifier is used for transform geometry with keeping original geometry form. In Japanese XOOPS Cube, modifier is not translated to Japanese. It is called “modifier” with katakana which is phonogram in Japan.

Well, there is another feature that I wanted to introduce to XOOPS Cube. That’s constraint. Also constraint is unknown word for most Japanese. Constraint is a kind of limit. But, in 3D tools, some kinds of constraints change data. Constraint is used for validation and changing data. And, in DbC, constraint is used for precondition definition in D language and others. That’s enhanced-assert. I thought to use constraint for autoprefication of ActionForm and XoopsObject.

However, XOOPS Cube is often contrary to web programing culture. These features are a port from another world, so I abandoned this plan.

Modifier and Constraint are systematic definition and easy to use. In 3D tools, users can call them by controling a panel. If XOOPS Cube implements them, users can control them as a kind of meta-programing. If modules are developed by CUMBIT of cubson GUI Force and are adjusted by modifier and constraint, non-tech users can develop simple modules and keep them. In this case, professional programers can try to more difficult technic.

XOOPS Cube BASE is not framework but platform with tools for shared modules & themes. It has to have minimum-control and be script platform as well as 3D tools. I think developers can get a hint from other platform.

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