CVS Report

  • Fix bug #10120. This bug was reported by jidaiokobo who is one of famous XOOPS designers in Japan. He tries to optimize themes for Section 508 of the US Workforce Investmeet Act.
  • Fix bug #10178. Thanks mumincacao!
  • Fix bug #10152. Thanks Mikhail! (Long time!) He has reported 60 items about path-disclosure. Thank you very much!
  • Improve #10179.

Bug#10120 is that mac browser raises troubles when $xoops_themecss is an empty. Legacy (X2) theme format needs some css files for browser optimizing. Therefore, if a designer removes css files, he has to remove also “link rel=…” line from theme.html.

And, I got to understand that we need the special introduction about Smarty by Mikhail’s reports. I wrote it on my note in

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