Compatibility Module Informations (hiyokosan = baby chick) began providing compatibility module database here. Because the site works for beginners, the site uses only easy Japanese sentence. But, results of the compatibility are shown by image icon, so you can understand helpful informations. I’ll show examples;

This image icon says “Compatibility OK”.

This image icon says “Required the System module”.

This image icon says “No Compatibility”.

This image icon says “The module works on only Legacy”.

Now, the database is providing existing informations of So there may be not useful informations that you want. But, the database will collect more informations.

For that, it’s better that you are able to say “Thank you” in Japanese. I teach it. Copy & Paste the following sentence as “Thank you”.


You have gotten a sentense of Japanese!? 😉

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3 Responses to Compatibility Module Informations

  1. domyśl się fifolku :D says:

    this is good news.thx“おまえらみんな最高だ!”😀

  2. Nuno Luciano says:

    Hi,I thought it was “ありがとう” ??Nevertheless, the meaning of that expression seems to be important and i’m really happy to learn one more expression.Best Regards^^

  3. minahito says:

    Thank you for your comments.“おまえらみんな最高だ!” is a local slang on Japanese Net. Maybe it means “You guys are cool!”.

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