The Maeda’s 2000th hits!!!

Excellent!! Great!! Yeah——-!!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

Tomonori Maeda is the most famous baseball player in Japan! Ichiro Suzuki respects him.

Today, he has completed total 2000 hits. All baseball fan in Japan praise his achievement!!

He is called “genius”. But, his life is not glory. He was greatly injured and lost his ability. His foot is not good. But, his effort beats out his damages. And, today, he got true glory. He is Hiroshima Carp player, and real hero for all Japan baseball player.

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One Response to The Maeda’s 2000th hits!!!

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    Maeda’s story amazes me. In 95 i had an accident that took me 1 year to get up into my feet and back to soccer league and another year to play a final cup against my brother and run for the first place. And i’m glad that my brother and many friends pushed me to give my best. That was one of the biggest challenges of my life. That said, i’m very impressive by Tomonori Maeda’s will to go over such injuries and made a so great comeback. He is a real champion!

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