XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.2 RC Release

The following is copy of the Release Note


Hi everyone,
we, the XOOPS Cube project is glad that we release XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.2 RC today — Software Freedom Day —. The minor version up 2.1.2 RC is available now. This is the test edition for stable release and it needs your help.

Check whether the bugs on the CHANGELOG really have been fixed. Check whether new bugs don’t have been born. After 2 weeks from here, the project will release the stable version grown by your help.

* Upgrade from Legacy 2.1.1 *
Remove mainfile.php and /install directory from the package not to break your current environment. Next, upload files of the package to your server. Finally, do update modules indicating red icon in the module management of the control panel.

* Report bugs *
If you find unfixed bugs, you may find up closed items in the bug tracker, which someone recorded it ‘fixed’. Tips; search with ‘Group: 2.1.1’ and ‘Status: Close’. After you find up unfixed bugs, add your comment to the comment form. By that, the tracker administrator will begin to do something for the item.

And, if you encounter new troubles which don’t have been in 2.1.1, submit it to the bug tracker with ‘Group: 2.1.2 RC’.

Lastly, thanks all contributors who enhanced 2.1.1 and fixed 2.1.1 bugs.

[Bug Fix – From Bug Tracker]
– Fix Bug #1713628 – Custom Session is not available
– Fix Bug #1719025 – Search func of XC Legacy doesn’t work properly
– Fix Bug #1719891 – ModuleUpdate can’t handle $modversion[‘blocks’][0] perfectly
– Fix Bug #1721593 – Some bugs of Comment Management!
– Fix Bug #1722319 – GroupPerm Action doesn’t list up any Custom block!
– Fix Bug #1729813 – some bugs in xoopsmailerlocal.php
– Fix Bug #1730013 – Bugs related to image management/manager
– Fix Bug #1733843 – Some bugs of GroupPermAction.php
– Fix Bug #1733844 – Some bugs related with GroupPermAction
– Fix Bug #1734677 – Fatal Error in GroupDeleteAction.php
– Fix Bug #1748531 – Block Weight parameter’s max value is 255
– Fix Bug #1738481 – small typo in notification from X2
– Fix Bug #1738590 – typo Legacy_ModuleInstallUtils
– Fix Bug #1743994 – Missing ‘:’ in legacy admin stylesheet
– Fix Bug #1748531 – Is max of block weight 255 ?
– Fix Bug #1748545 – The ImgUploader leaves an old file at ImageEdit
– Fix Bug #1749522 – Bugs Lost your Password
– Fix Bug #1751030 – Raise notice on Legacy_Controller::_setupConfig()
– Fix Bug #1758828 – TYPO UserSearchFilterForm.class.php.
– Fix Bug #1762017 – Banners at some settings are moved to finishbanner soon
– Fix Bug #1763398 – Argument miss in Legacy_ModuleInstallUuninstallBlockTemplate. (Patch from tohokuaiki)
– Fix Bug #1766227 – mb_language() receive invalid value
– Fix Bug #1768449 – FF2.0 could not load CSS in the control panel
– Fix Bug #1769765 – xhtml violation: id repeated
– Fix Bug #1769768 – The language file is not read in ImageUploadForm.class.php
– Fix Bug #1770825 – Can’t use EditAvatar in some case
– Fix Bug #1783113 – Missing flag check in CacheInformation::hasSetEnable().
– Fix Bug #1786123 – Banner impressions are increased always.
– Fix Bug #1789875 – XoopsDatabaseFactory is not singleton

[Patches – From Feature Request Tracker]
– Patch #1744593 – Add block-edit link to each block at group-admin
– Patch #1782041 – admin::user_edit.html patch
– Patch #1784585 – Admin can not edit user’s avatar

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