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Project Gotham Racing 4

Video: PGR4 my play video 1 Project Gotham Racing 4 (PGR4) is the race game that has interesting game system. You don’t need to get first, but you have to get ‘Kudos’ that is a kind of score indicating how … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 Report

Yesterday, the XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting gathered many contributors. We discussed about the feature of XOOPS Cube and decided to begin working for actual comeout. Section 1 Section 1 was learning time. I explained typical OSS project by using samples … Continue reading

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Tokyo Contents Market 2007

Government of Japan tries to tie up exhibitors with publishers and capitals, through this event, Tokyo Contents Market 2007. Exhibitors can put their booth presenting their contents by about 5,000 JPY. Publisher and Capitals visit this event to find out … Continue reading

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Interesting Team Protocol has many interesting articles about GameAI in easy English. And sometimes the site publishes special articles that describe about common problem not GameAI. This series explains about “The Core” that is a way of working as team — as … Continue reading

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BattleField 2 ModernCombat

BattleField 2 ModernCombat (BF2MC) is FPS optimized to home game console — PS2 and Xbox 360 —, and is different from BattleField 2 PC edition. You may think that BF2MC is a branch of BF2. Because BF2MC is very simple … Continue reading

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XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 and others

XOOPS Cube Developers Meeting #1 This event will be held in Tokyo at next Sunday. It gathers active volunteers for exchange of informations. And we will assign to tasks for documents. Japanese developers’ network was broken once, because some volunteers … Continue reading

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Source code high-light in Blogger

I researched how to use source code high-light in Blogger. I found a way with google-code-prettify from here. This way runs on Javascript, so we don’t need to install some engine to Blogger. Download google-code-prettify Donwload the archive file from … Continue reading

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