Is the best video upload service?

To upload my video to this blog, I tried three video service: Youtube, Google Video and PeeVee.

  • YouTube is the most famous video service, but its quality is not good.
  • Google video is a little better than YouTube, but this service may be stopped because Google has YouTube.
  • It seems that PeeVee is good, but this service is in Japan. So you may not see a video without lag. And, Japanese language in Flash may make you sad.

Google Video


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8 Responses to Is the best video upload service?

  1. xoops says:

    hi, am from Poland, Europe, peevee works fine for me. all I need is play/pause button, so I dont need to know japanish.

  2. minahito says:

    Thank you for your comment.I heard “DixX Stage6” as another service. It seems high quality. I’ll try it after.

  3. Nuno Luciano says:

    Wow. I feel like i’m missing some nice features of Halo 3. How did you made that video?Well, I’m back to the game. See you later ^^

  4. minahito says:

    Halo3 records player’s log as “theater”. That’s history and 10 records. If you want to overwrite a record, you can save it by ‘X’ button.This video was made by the following:1. Game Play 🙂2. Stop Game3. Connect XBOX to my harddisk recorder4. Start Theater and Start RecordIf you have capture system in your PC, you may connect XBOX to your PC directly.Even if you don’t record log to a video, Halo3 Theater Mode is interesting enough.

  5. Darkside says:

    One service you overlooked is Windows Skydrive (aka, MSN video, AKA MSN Soapbox)I know it’s a windows service but it’s quiet hot these days and the quality is fantasatic.

  6. minahito says:

    Thanks you, Drakside.Because I knew the quality of SOAPBOX, I tried to use Soapbox, but that beta service is NOT available from Japan.Also it seems that skydrive beta is not available from Japan.Ummm…

  7. Nuno Luciano says:

    Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try!^^

  8. Muy bueno el video, en este blog se lo puede visualizar mejor que en el propio Youtube 😉

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