Interesting Team Protocol has many interesting articles about GameAI in easy English. And sometimes the site publishes special articles that describe about common problem not GameAI. This series explains about “The Core” that is a way of working as team — as “Team Protocol”. That’s interesting very much and you may accept it to your office.

Scary Ideas is easy to accept. Maybe a number of game development teams do it in practice, in Japan at least. Anyway I laughed by this example Scary Idea. When you use Scary Idea, don’t refrain from delivering your idea. So this example “Build a AI engine that’s scalable…” is perhaps very good. That said, it’s really Scary!

Decider Protocol is embarrassed method and might be difficult to accept it to your office. Of course, me too. Even if I want to accept it and propose that my office’s meeting uses this method, co-workers will deny it. But, a such vote system is often used to decision of projects, whether it uses fist. It’s important that a staff who agree have to get involved about the agreement task. It means that the staff has accountability of its decision.

It’s interesting role of decision-making to prepare a “Perfector”. Note that any opinions are never rejected. The perfector sets only [1, 10] priority. That’s gentle and good idea. And, this way is based on academic game theory model. I think this way is useful for our private life, because we often can’t decide our mind ourselves.

BTW, talking of GameAI, the Bungie’s podcast made mention of Halo3 Game AI. But I can not hear their voices. ・・・Because they are a native English speaker, I am NOT able to hear English. Umm…

Anybody translates that long long interview to documents! 😀

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