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Super Mario Galaxy

I don’t need to say more abot this game. Super Mario Galaxy is SUPER GAME! I made a video including explanations by using a video tool 😀 Video: Super Mario Galaxy : Impressions Advertisements

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

22th Nov 2007, Medal of Honor Airbone Japanese edition was released in Xbox 360. That day, after I finished my work, I went to a video game shop. And, I bought “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” instead … Continue reading

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How do you translate pages in Wiki?

How to translate wiki page on sourceforge? “Hi! My name is Roger Cubbit! How do you create a page for translations?” “Check a name of the page that you want to translate!” “Check a lang-code of your language!” “Composite these … Continue reading

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Don’t Japanese people like freedom?

This article discusses the differences between Western and Japanese game design philosophies. And, it shows also differences between characteristics of their nations. The view of the article answered my questions. Japanese people don’t like “Perfect Freedom”. Perfect Freedom roils Japanese … Continue reading

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Screw Up Your Career Change to・・・

The reason why I often introduce‘s articles is that those articles are very interesting, written in easy English and brings discovery to you, even if you don’t relate to AI. “Screw Up Your Career Change to Game AI Programming … Continue reading

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