How do you translate pages in Wiki?

How to translate wiki page on sourceforge?

“Hi! My name is Roger Cubbit! How do you create a page for translations?”

“Check a name of the page that you want to translate!”
“Check a lang-code of your language!”

“Composite these with semicolon!”

Thanks, Roger. Now, you know what name you should create. Let’s create a page!

STEP1 : Copy the English edition to a new page

At the beginning, let’s clone the English edition as the French edition.

  1. Run your FireFox or Opera! You will need TAB browsers, because it’s good idea that you open both the English edition and the French edition.
  2. Login to, and go to the Wiki of XOOPS Cube project.
  3. Open a page of the English edition that you want to translate, to your new tab!
  4. VisualEditor mode is not good to copy. Click ‘TextMode’ button!
  5. Click the text form. And, do ‘Select-All’ and ‘Copy’. Instead, you may push CTRL+A and CTRL+C.
  6. Visit your another tab. And, click “Create new page” of “Wiki” tab on the top menu.
  7. Input “;fr” as new page name. If you want to translate Get_Involved, you have to input “Get_Involved;fr“.
  8. Also, click ‘TextMode’ to make it easy to paste.
  9. Click the text form. And, do ‘paste’ or push CTRL+V.
  10. Save this French edition page. And, Cancel the English editon page or close your another tab.

STEP2 : Translate

You translate it from English to French. Great work!

  1. Do edit the French edition. And, rewrite English contents in French.
  2. Save.

STEP3 : Change the link of French top page

Now, the French top page has the link to the English edition, whether you have translated Get_Involved. Let’s change the link!

  1. Go to French, and do edit.
  2. Click in invalid link within the text form, and click Remove Link Icon.
  3. Select text ‘Get Involved’.
  4. Click Add Link Icon. And, choose “Get_Invovled;fr”.
  5. Save.

Are our advices helpful? Thank you for your contributions. Project wiki will get the French articles!

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  1. smart says:

    Thanks roger for the tut

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