ImpressCMS is new movement in XOOPS world. I don’t know the details of ImpressCMS, but it looks a new fork, not a distribution. You may search about it in

ImpressCMS is controversial, because that’s not under XOOPS official control. And, because a developer who has joined the XOOPS project joins also the ImpressCMS project, some users point allegations that the XOOPS foundation may misappropriate. (I think that’s quibble.)

Anyway, it is a fate that a forked project is born to cover a semi-retirement project having the following factors:

  • Developers who don’t program.
  • Administrators who don’t administer.
  • Publicists who don’t write news.
  • Moderators who don’t see forums.
  • Leaders who lead to collapse.

Moreover, they don’t resign from their post. Even if a project can not go forward, the project is not dead, until the project declares “dead” officially. Semi-reteirment projects are not dead and not alive. These projects just exist.

“Fork” is good solution for stalled projects, because “Fork” is not limited by existing retirement members and existing team governance. The only mission that semi-retirement members do is resisting new movement. They have lost a passion to do actual activity, so they try to damn new movements by using dummy official announcements and political fighting.

But, 2007 will soon be past. You can check how much missions each project and each member have completed. After that you can check whether existing announcements are dummy or not. Well, I am not in no position to talk.

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9 Responses to ImpressCMS

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    …forked by the same people that prevent the project to evolve!?Someone post about ethical and moral.Personally, after 3 years fighting < HREF="" REL="nofollow">poisonous people<> it’s nice to see a clean and stable open source environment. even there’s no development!

  2. minahito says:

    I think that ImpressCMS is good solution for stalled XOOPS. I’m looking forward ImpressCMS & its developers’ efforts next year.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Long Life a OpenSource

  4. Anonymous says:

    Competition is always good if it’s for technical reasons (like XOOPS-Cube). ImpressCMS is driven by egos…

  5. minahito says:

    Is the reason why ImpressCMS tried to fork political?

  6. Anonymous says:

    The reason is that there was absolutely no way to get on with all that happened before. Difference of opinions lead to friends becoming enemies over an OS project. (which seems kinda silly but grown man can still act like children) On some issues yeah you might call it political. On the other hand there are two large groups which have a different opinion on how things should be handled and now both can do it their way. Now we have two places of development and if both will have a future or only one and then which one remains to be seen. But now people no longer need to waste their time and effort in fighting and instead can get to work.So i think its a real good thing because it should end the wars and if you look at the forums on x.o you can see that it already does. Nuno: You find your battles everywhere … for you its only about being negative. Lets get away from x.o for a moment: A good example is that little intermezzo on the cube forums you had there with Herve … seems even if he gives something to you there is still enough reason to pick a fight with him. For everyone who takes the time to read through your postings on x.o for the last years(!) it really looks as if you simply enjoy stirring the pot. So lets see – now that the poisonous people are gone – will you become productive on x.o? Will you help us move Xoops (as in x.o) forward? I fear you will find more nitpicks with the remaining ones of us and either continue to stirr things up or just vanish. True?Sorry but you taking the moral high ground does simply not fit. Many made mistakes (including myself) but now we can move forward again.Bottomline regarding this blog entry:A forked project … its a good thing. It hopefully will allow everyone to move on. There was no alternative left.

  7. Nuno Luciano says:

    @anonymous You should have the kindness to identify your-self. Because using anonymously someone else blog to tell me something just show me how coward you are.You’re happy of the clean open source environment at … humm… at the same time you blame me for fight the “poisonous people”. What kind of person are you? You don’t have to reply, I already get it!Well, let me say, you just make my day ^^A battle is a battle, and it only requires some courage. Something you seem to have… partially.. behind anonymity ^^Finally, as you point out, it was a fight for something good. But give credit on that paradox – war is fight for peace !Personally, my ego would miss those fights of 1 against 5 or more, but I’m also fighting in my all day life for a better world to the people I care and love. So, no worries, i still sharing with the “good people” ^^

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sorry i am not at the liberty to disclose my name simply because of you. You wouldn´t find many postings of me anyway since i freely admit that i am more observative then posting. Posting my nick would easily lead to my real name and to at least 2 sites. Since i don´t trust you and don´t want to see others face the consequences of me talking to you and therefore making those sites a target – hence i will remain anonmyous.However let me ask one thing: In your opinion are the poisonous people now all gone and can the rest of us move on or is there still a battle you need to continue with dj, hervet, marco, bluestocking or anyone else left?From your sentence “it was a fight” i sincerely hope its over.

  9. Nuno Luciano says:

    @ anonymousYou are Sorry !?Sure you are. You start this discussion.I said before, I already get who you are.But you keep your coward attitude referring to other people that you expect to get working for you.You still acting as “poisonous people”. I don’t like ‘smart’ people like you, who try to divide and manipulate for their won interest. Finally, i never refuse a fight and I’ will answer your question – if that battle is over, a war is made of many battles, so, you may be the next one!I didn’t ask you anything. Maybe you should think twice before You freely come here post to me. But that’s not my problem. Now, you assume the consequences of your action.^^

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