I began Twitter. Is it too late? Twitter may be useful as “asynchronous” IM for the time different.

BTW, I was surprised at a certain feature of Twitter when I signed up. Twitter can search my web mail box and find friends who have begun Twitter already. Because I use gmail as my web mail, I entered my gmail address and its password. And Twitter found tadashi and Tom_G3X.

I hope that Twitter doesn’t stole my important information from my mail box. 🙂

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  1. Out To Own says:

    If you’ve been using TweetDeck or another Twitter service that uses links, then here’s a great tip:

    Go through your timeline and pull out links, paste them into your browser, and add a “+” on the end. This will automatically send you to the statistics page for that link, which gives you conversation history, clicks and regional analysis.
    Not only is this a great way to yank out and measure the effectiveness of your tweet history, but it also gives you the opportunity to analyze your competitors!

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