The impact of Xbox LIVE community games

Revolutiooooon! Microsoft announced the great plan in GDC. In the near future, we will be able to share games that are developed in XNA through XBOX live that is a kind of social networks. Developers of creators club register their games. And, other creators check those games and report bugs and issues. After then, games are downloadable for the world. Users can download games and reviews those, like YouTube. I don’t like Microsoft, but I pay due respect for their achievements at games.

I have to thank my parents. If I am younger and meet XBOX + XNA at school days, I might be engrossed in programing without going school.

Microsoft does really great works. They will change life of many many people. That’s “revolution” and dawn of a new era. Many net developers had felt new era by 2.0 at once. We’re feeling new era now! I can understand “2.0”. That’s exciting!

(However, please buy also PS3, because I belong to PS3 title development. PS3 is not open for game development, but “sexy” console very much!)

I’ll release the Script Engine as open source license in the near future. If XNA creators use my library as middleware, I’ll be glad.

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One Response to The impact of Xbox LIVE community games

  1. DialogPimp says:

    I’m very interested in the XNA script engine – could you post some more about it, features etc?

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