One render-target of the site

The next XOOPS Cube and its CVS didn’t become any topics in Japan, but Early Adopters from overseas have mailed some technical questions to me. One of those points out a defect of XOOPS Cube’s spec.

Normally, output of CMS is the assembly of parts. So most CMS compounds final output from a theme (skin) and output of each part. For that, template files of that have relations with final output are the plural number. If CMS has only one form like Blogger, we can handle all templates as one file. But, XOOPS and other CMS are not Blog like Blogger.

It’s no problem that there are the plural templates for constructing sites. But, it’s more better if users can have an option to construct the site with one template. The mail points it. It’s useful for professional users.

In fact, XOOPS Cube is not good at handling one template, because XOOPS Cube considered about how well to handle CMS rendering. The mechanism of rendering has been specialized for divided sequences. Like XOOPS is unable to render with one template, XOOPS Cube was unable to do it.

I have considered about this these days and found the solution. When BASE links the screen target to a render-operation of all tasks, XOOPS Cube may be able to render with one template and the plural operations. A part of the generic render-sequence is exchangable. Professional can make some programs as re-usable tasks for this purpose.

Anyway that’s special case. But I welcome case-studies.

BTW, the hoda-juku distribution had to encounter the limitations of XCL. The next XOOPS Cube is able to solve their challenge easily. The distribution is the best case-study for next XOOPS Cube.

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