Supplement to "RapidWeaver gives hints to us"

My poor English may have made you misunderstand yesterday. I intended to say about what structure the next BASE should have. For that, I compared approaches of three applications that are XOOPS2, eZp and RapidWeaver.


It’s possible to duplicate D3 modules and place those horizontally. But, even if you want to place “support forum” under “static product introduction page”, that’s impossible by default.


eZp is tree-structure. And all contents are a kind of objects that eZp defines and become node of the site-tree. But, by the architecture, eZp is heavy, difficult to manage and ill-fitted to blog and forum.


RapidWeaver is tree-structue but doesn’t handle all contents as a node of the site-tree. For example, blog is a node. But entries are not a node and are contained to the blog that provides management features to users.

RapidWeaver has a good balance between Program-Doctrine and tree style. So it’s good idea to research to RapidWeaver for the next generation BASE development.

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