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How to forward the official web site (beta)?

The original is here. Why the official web site is beta?Because we will not use dynamic web site in this time. In other words, we don’t use CMS on the server. Instead of CMS on the server, we will use … Continue reading

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Game Test of Wii Fit

It’s very very important to test a video game that is under development, before a game developer puts the game on the market. Bugs have to be fixed. In addition, a video game has to be interesting. Each video game … Continue reading

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HIYO-COM has been renewed

HIYO-KOM is one of popular XOOPS Cube sites for beginners in Japan. The site has been renewed. It became easy to use and got more accessibility. In addition, the site has the module list. You may get a compatiblity information … Continue reading

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Important XOOPS Users for me

Many citizens, students, hobbyist and so on in Japan are using XOOPS2 now. In addition, some CG web sites and game developer sites are using X2. That’s a happy situation and an important motivation of me. I hope that they … Continue reading

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The Report of XOOPS Cube study session #1

Mr. halt who is one of the most popular PHP programers in Japan and a cool guy hosted XOOPS Cube study session #1 for beginners who want to know summary of XOOPS Cube. I and Ryuji went to this event … Continue reading

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The Official Web Page had a plan to be closed, but now, two administrators and some semiretired moderators keep it. In actual fact, there are only two active members who use times for site management, so it’s tough work to keep the site. … Continue reading

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Revival of Free Software (4)

Lastly, I’m going to write the reason why I always feel the Free Software spirit from XOOPS and XOOPS Cube. When XOOPS Cube was forked from, we got to plan to recover Free Software Activity at XOOPS. That’s the … Continue reading

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