Revival of Free Software (1)

In Japan, Open Source is often discussed with business activity. That’s not bad. Formerly, we’ve gotten involved to Free Software Activity in a freenet that we’ve connected by using poor modem, when the internet and the word “open source” didn’t still exist. In those days, those who are not interested in technology did not have taken no notice to our activity. Since the “Open Source” word was made, everything has been changed. Many many people became interested in Free Software and think to do something with Free Software now.

It’s possible to do business activity through Free Software, because Free Software is freedom. But, Free Software Activity is not business activity. XOOPS Cube is one of primitive Free Software Activity. Therefore, I hope that XOOPS Cube is useful for busines activity and don’t want to touch anything of business activity. The only thing that our project should do is keeping perfect freedom.

XOOPS Cube is in Public Domain. So anybody can contribute something to XOOPS Cube. XOOPS Cube doesn’t check what is a contributor. He may be a student or a company. But, that is not important at all. The project doesn’t need to plan to tie with a company and may keep to the stance to receive contributions from everyone.

Let me say that again. XOOPS Cube is primitive Free Software Activity. Existing other Free Software Activities have shown a way that we should go.

XOOPS as Free Software Activity has been damaged by f**k XOOPS foundation. So we have to revive XOOPS as Free Software Activity.

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One Response to Revival of Free Software (1)

  1. عبد الله المصري says:

    Thanks for this post, it’s useful for me
    i hope i see more free software like this
    pedagangit – linktrackr

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