The Official Web Page had a plan to be closed, but now, two administrators and some semiretired moderators keep it. In actual fact, there are only two active members who use times for site management, so it’s tough work to keep the site. The site doesn’t have any informations that users need to use XOOPS Cube.

In Japan, is the top page rank about XOOPS Cube. Google guides beginners who want to use XOOPS Cube to But they can’t know how to use at

XOOPS Cube has links to community sites and guides users to the sites. By that, XOOPS Cube doesn’t have community management and is a compact project. But, can not get enough community feature for users.

It’s unexpected circumstances that can not do actions to get full documents, flesh news and massive forums. The current situation of gives ill effects to both the project and users, because is the top page rank. I think that should have links to existing documents of other sites, but may have their policy. I hope that a renewal of will help

It’s unhappy that a passion of the project and a passion of have difference. But, it’s impossible to enhance the site by only two administrators, because ten administrators could not do it. the project does not force any, so they can do only their wish. And, it’s a task of the project that users can not get enough informations through Google.

Therefore I decided to stop XOOPS Cube core development for a while. Anyway I can not keep enough free time to develop. And, I will concentrate to prepare renewal of the official web page of Don’t worry. Our project is full of active developers now. So, this doesn’t give any ill effects to both 2.1.5 and 2.2.0 branch.

See the forum for more informations. To keep our project compact, should not have many many contents. But, and Wiki will have to provide enough information for the first step.

There are local communities like These communities don’t have many volunteers, so these can not prepare enough informations. The project may have forced a task of the project to these communities. Renewal of the official web site will help communities.

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One Response to The Official Web Page

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    That’s right! The project is requiring some “communication” improvements… about the project it-self, development and spirit – much has been said about project philosophy however it doesn’t reflect on “frontend” for new users. Also some people can feel ‘isolated’ from jp community developers ^^Example, HD distribution was includes many ideas discussed by the past, maybe the package was released faster because HD members still ‘communicating’ regularly !?I’m sure it can be applied to XCL objectives if defined with exactness.

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