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Generic Render Sequence (1)

XOOPS Cube 1.0 implements the Generic Render-Sequence, that’s one of major features that we should check. We already know Ungeneric Render-Sequence. That’s a Render-Sequence of Legacy. A rendering process of Legacy has the same step as XOOPS2 and is the … Continue reading

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Anybody don’t download 2.1.5 RC

Oh! Download count is still zero. But anybody don’t want to test RC in the front part of a week. May be this weekend will be test time.

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XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.5 RC release

I’m sorry. This release falled behind. XCL 2.1.5 RC is available for test. 2.1.5 is minor upgrade version from 2.1.4 and will almost certainly be the last maintenance release on the 2.1.x series. This version fixes one important bug & … Continue reading

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