Anybody don’t download 2.1.5 RC

Oh! Download count is still zero.

But anybody don’t want to test RC in the front part of a week. May be this weekend will be test time.

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7 Responses to Anybody don’t download 2.1.5 RC

  1. Anonymous says:

    PLease consider: It is summer holiday time.

  2. Albert E. says:

    Man, Maybe it´s some issue on SF counter, because I download it two times… On my home and at the Office! =\

  3. Artcorp says:

    Same here! Counter not working.Download at workshop, laptop even mobile.Maybe we should hack sourceforge.netok, i’m kidding !^^

  4. minahito says:

    Wow!It’s reassuring to know that that’s sf’s trouble. 😀

  5. plusangel says:

    same here!

  6. Mikhail says:

    Hi, All! is migrating the statistics system to another data center. Because this, things like the download counter will continue off-line in this month. The return is scheduled to the next month, august.[]’s!!!mikhail

  7. Bandit. S. says:

    thanks for the info Mikhail, i’ve been wondering about the stats.

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