LittleBigPlanet” (LBP) is a new title of PLAYSTATION 3. That is pazzle action game platform and world creation video game. Users may enjoy a fun of “Mod” with LBP. It’s possibl to create characters and stages, and share those through the net. Checking the following moview is easy way to understand LBP.

Here is other creation video game. The title is SPORE that Mr, Will Wright who is a famous game creator develops. In SPORE, you will begin creating your creature by Creature Creator that is a creation tool for SPORE. What’s interesting is that the save data format is PNG file. So you can paste your creature data to your blog and share with world.

Those two games allow you to create a character and a stage. But, you can not create something over the feature of those. That is very important. Many users find a fun within the feature. I think that is an example for creation tools. Creation tools don’t need to be versatile. But it has to give surprise and wonder.

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One Response to LittleBigPlanet

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    Wow, Wow and Wow !“Play, Create and Share”If PS3 target this concepti’m sure many more people will move to PS3 ^^

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