I’m preparing to move house now

I have no time to call my own these days. The cause is that my house is far from my company and my work is busy recently. I wanted to write response many mails in ML, write comments to many BLOGs and write code for some free software projects.

I had searched the best house for a month. But, recently 2 weeks were really very very hard to keep my sleeping time. It was good day, if I could sleep for 3 hours. I felt that I had reached my limits.

Therefore I decided my house from two candidates, yesterday. And I will move my house next week. This decision will bring about 2 hours free time to me.

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2 Responses to I’m preparing to move house now

  1. Bandit. S. says:

    good luck on the new house.

  2. minahito says:

    Thanks bandit!Because I will live in the house that is near for my company, I will become able to keep enough free time for various activities.

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