We began to collect URL of tutorials

We did not complete Official Web Site (beta) for OSC2008 Nagoya. (What is that? I will report about OSC2008 Nagoya next time.)

Now, we began to collect URL of online tutorials for a final stage of making Japanese edition of the official web site. After that, we will start to translate a draft of Japanese edition to English edition.

We are collecting URL of various online resources — tutorials, video tutorials, ABC guidances and kick start guidances — from various media — an entry of a blog, a topic of a forum, a page of a wiki and an article of a personal homepage. The URL link collection will help users who research how to use XOOPS Cube.

I want to keep useful page like blender.org Education & Help. blender.org thinks that the net is bigger than blender.org, so they collect links to outside resources. I think that we should emulate them.

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2 Responses to We began to collect URL of tutorials

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    A forum was or should be created for such purpose ?

  2. minahito says:

    This time is for Japanese language, yet. So we didn’t create a forum, because forums of sf.net exists for English language. In addition, each wiki page has simple forum that is called “Discussion”. We are using Discussion feature to exchange informations.After that, we will begin to make English edition for English language. When we will do it, we might need some topics on the forum or the discussion feature of wiki page.

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