A next base will accept various browsers

A next base that we’re developing will accept various browsers that include mobile phones. And, that will be light-weight than XCL. The project develops XOOPS Cube for hobby life. So it’s requirements that XC will have to accept mobile phones, Wii Opera, PLAYSTATION3 browser and iPod touch/iPhone safari. Of course, it should be possible to operate control panels by buttons of Wii Controller. And, we will have to accept some rules of accessibility so that many people can enjoy hobby life by XC.

Because XCL is “Legacy” application, it was not smart that a few XCL developers use much time for mobile phone directly. But, they will try it at a next stage (a next base).

BTW, things that a base developers have to do are not much. If a base equips a flexible template system and a flexible main sequence, it can accept multi-browsers. The focal point is a way to supply template resource.

All developers don’t have all browsers. Also all designers don’t have all browsers. It’s easy to download all PC browsers, but you have to buy Wii and PLAYSTATION3 to get browsers of them. In addition, even if a developer has all browsers, we should not request him to implement all. So we will need direct patch system like preload for theme and template system.

In other words, XC supports that end-users compound plural works. Because it’s difficult that a single solution that is developed by a couple of developers implements all templates and all programs.

You may think that such patch files should be contributed directly to the archive that developers and designers make. But, they often become busy and unable to keep free software activity, because they are a citizen, an employee of their company and have their family. I trust that the patch mechanism is useful for our world and makes our world rapid.

I have some ideas for porting existing modules of XCL to a next (other) base.

The preparations to manage the project were recovered. So I will concentrate to restart developing. Moving my house will give free time to me.

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One Response to A next base will accept various browsers

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    I’ll need to call for donations ^^Since i’m not working fulltime anymorei’m thinking to place adds and a block for donationsto evolve to ps3, wii and iphone^^

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