OGRE 1.6.0RC1 (‘Shoggoth’) Released!

OGRE 1.6.0 RC1 “Shoggoth” was released. Summary of new key features is following:

  • New more powerful script compilers
  • Geometry shaders in OpenGL
  • Antialiasing on render textures as well as windows
  • sRGB gamma correction
  • Alpha to coverage support
  • New ‘Portal Connected Zone’ SceneManager¬†
  • Parallel-Split Shadow Map support
  • Improved tangent generation
  • Skeletal blend masks
  • New background loading options
  • Custom memory allocator support

The prebuild SDK is going to be released.

New features are appended to the script that we are using to define materials and particles. OGRE_USE_NEW_COMPILERS in OgreConfig.h decides whether the engine uses new features. The Material Feature is improved at this new version and got to handle new shader parameters.

In addition, the Scenemanager got to support “Portal Connect Zone”. By that, we can switch in/out-house effectivity. The movie that was used for explanation this feature is following:

In 1.6.0, it’s possible to change memory allocator. This is one of the most important features.

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