Hikari is an ADD-ON to handle FLASH on OGRE3D. Hikari works on only Windows OS, because it needs flash.ocx. This is an excellent ADD-ON and makes it possible to design UI by FLASH and bind it to game programs.

The Demo reflects values of both slider and color pallet to the viewport. And the Demo application send FPS value to Hikari and show it by using functions of FLASH. In other words, the application of the OGRE 3D can read values from FLASH side and can send values to FLASH side.

At recent years, video games use FLASH with the middleware to implement rich UI rapidly. By Hikari, we became able to try it at our free time!

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3 Responses to Hikari

  1. Adam says:

    Hey, you’ve got a very interesting blog!I’m glad you like my little library (Hikari), thanks for the support!

  2. minahito says:

    I’m very happy to talk with you. And, Hikari is the great library written in excellent C++ code!I think that FLASH is major 2D middle ware for video game development. So Hikari is very important library for all programmers using OGRE3D.

  3. andreyaradford says:

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