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XC’s repository moved to SVN

Here is a good news for developers who decide to touch only SVN. XC’s repository moved from CVS to SVN yesterday. We should thank Mr. nobunobu who ported a script program used in CVS and prepared SVN mailing list. For … Continue reading

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I do freeware activity, because I’m too busy

In last CEDEC, I heard Keiji Inafune’s speech. He is one of the most famous game producers in Japan. He said “If you aren’t winner of the market, you have to fight not to be loser. But even if you’re … Continue reading

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Package_Legacy 2.1.6 Release!

Thank you for your testing. Here’s the latest maintenance release for the v2.1 stable, since it has finished RC schedule. It has a number of bugfixes which we recommend you update. The project has just completed main tasks of v2.1 … Continue reading

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It’s cold day today

It seems that winnter season came to Japan. It’s very very cold. I have to buy a new coat.

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Blender Party in Nagoya

Blender is one of my favorite open source software. In this month, Blender Party will be hold in Nagoya, Japan. I will take a part in the party. BTW, there are many XOOPS Cube develepers in Nagoya. So we will … Continue reading

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I could not release 2.1.6

Because I was busy and tired last weekend, I could not check whether 2.1.6 runs completely. Therefore I did not release the stable edition yesterday. If I will return home early, I will do final test HEAD and release it. … Continue reading

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jidaikobo’s theme foramat test

I had stopped XOOPS Cube Core development and next BASE development for a long time. Today I restarted it for the first time in many months. But, I did not modify most core code, because my first priority task is … Continue reading

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