A Happy New Year!

Hi All,

A Happy New Year! This is Hiroshima, where my parents live. Yes, Hiroshima is my home. I went to see the first sunrise of the year. Because the first sunrise of the year is happy symbol for Japanese people, we try to see the first sunrise. We enjoyed Xmas as a big event of end of the year, but “New Year’s Holidays” is really the traditional event for us.

The mountain that I took this picture is Mt. Furutakayama in Etajima Island. This mountain is not famous for Japanese people, but residents in the island love this mountain.

Many mountain hikers climbed this mountain early morning, to see the first sunrise. All of them are Hiroshima People. Therefore, all of them is Hiroshima Toyo Carp (Baseball Team) Funs. We wished Carp’s victory to the sunrise.

2009 is an important year for me. My company will be very busy in this year, because my team will release a new video game. I will have to concentrate to write programs from spring to fall. Meanwhile I wish to commit to two free software projects.

Plus, I want to go to next GDC. But, when next GDC is holding, we will be very busy. So I want to go to GDC 2010. For that, I will learn English more and more, in this year.

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3 Responses to A Happy New Year!

  1. XOOPS-magazine says:

    お誕生日おめでとうございます。Greetings from Germany,René Sato

  2. leco says:

    Greetings from Brazil,Leco

  3. Lady-Earth says:

    Riekie se=say, groete=greetings.afr=engLady-Earth travel through earths'Blackhole' 30-6-1973 Tzaneen SA. And Watch Fata Morgana, Fairies/ ants at play in a 'Hut-village',created in a front garden in Tzaneen…..Tell China & the World : Riekie never wanted to die!Here from the UK

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