The preparation for the next OSC

Here is Yokohama. This is one of the biggest city in Japan. I came to buy some goods that I will need in Open Source Conference 2009 (OSC 2009). I’ve written about OSC in this blog once or twice. That was known as a big open source event to Japanese open source users/developers.

In the OSC, I will take a part in three seminars. The most important seminar is “How to learn English language for OSS developers“. This shopping is for the seminar. This learning seminar was planned by me, so I’m putting muscle into preparation of the seminar. The role to buy something for the seminar is me. But, I will NOT a speaker of the seminar. (As you know, I am not good at English. I should learn English language, not teach it.)

I invited the speaker to the seminar. His nick name is LYE. He is a translator and translated many video games!

In this seminar, I and the speakers will introduce various method to learn English. Those methods will include the method that we had discussed learning English in forum. The method using movie that Mr. plusangel told me in the forum is my favorite method.

I’ve just bought these goods. The tripod stand will be used to take a picture for key note of the seminar. “XOOPS Cube Legacy Developers Bible” (the book at lower left) and “Talk Man” (yellow color PSP software at center) will be a gift for OSC visitors. “FINAL FANTASY X International” is English version of FF-X. I will introduce this video game as learning kit.

BTW, This blog had not updated for a long time, but I keep interests in English and restatred this blog to write my thinking, my daily, my works and XOOPS Cube.

If you’re OK, bookmark my new twitter account that you can see in the right side of this blog. I try to write messages in English there.

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4 Responses to The preparation for the next OSC

  1. anakin says:

    final fantasy x ?? I love final fantasy 😀 .

  2. minahito says:

    Yes, that’s final fantasy X. In Japan, FF-X was released with Japanese actors. After that, Square released the international edition. The international edition has English language voice and English language capture. So we use FF-X for Englihsh language learning.

  3. anakin says:

    ff is very wonderful ! I really love it . we have a fan website about ff ( whit xoops ) ( my english is very bad )

  4. minahito says:

    Great site!I'm glad that FF are loved all over the world.> my english is very badMe too.

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