The report of OSC 2009 Tokyo/Spring

Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring was closed. That was very exciting event for Japanese OSS developers. I hosted a certain coursework, participated in the CMS Panel Discussion as member of the panel and spoke about XCL 2.2 in the Hodajuku Distribution Coursework. This blog doesn’t have an entry about the CMS Panel Discussion and HD Coursework, yet. Now this entry will report the panel discussion.

CMS community moderators and CMS project developers in many kinds of CMS participated in the CMS Panel Discussion. There were few developers in the discussion, because basically number of users was bigger than number of developers in Japan. You might know those CMS in the discussion — Moodle, Plone, TYPO3, MODx, Geeklog, concrete5, WordPress and XOOPS Cube.

I had to masqueraded in the discussion :D. Because the discussion was streaming broadcasted in the net. Unlike other members of the panel, I don’t involve the web business, so I hoped to protect my privacy.

I explained difference between XOOPS2 and XOOPS Cube. Many audiences was thinking that XOOPS Cube had old architecture like XOOPS2. Only my purpose was to dispel a such misconception. And, that was successful. After that I learned that this discussion is very useful for developers. We got detail information of other CMS through the panel discussion. If I was a audience, not member of the discussion, I couldn’t get such information.

The information we should pay attention to was TYPO Script that may be DSL of TYPO3. I thought that XC might need DSL to describe how to render template buffer by designers, so the architecture of TYPO was very interesting spec. And, the Plone Japan community moderator told us gettext availability for translation.

The Open Source Conference 2009 Tokyo/Spring was very important event for me.

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4 Responses to The report of OSC 2009 Tokyo/Spring

  1. Nuno Luciano says:

    Very fun, you look like snowboarder!I thought you went with Halo Capt armor ^^

  2. Bandit. S. says:

    i like it too.

  3. mikhail says:


  4. Leco says:

    Thanks to report

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