XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.7 RC released!

Hi all,

The project released XOOPS Cube Legacy (aka Package_Legacy) 2.1.7 RC. This is a minor upgrade version from 2.1.6a, contains many fixes and many enhancements and includes all patches of 2.1.6a security fix.

Please test this RC and report issues if you encounter any troubles. You may post reports to the project forum or each community forum.

(We ask community administrators to forward those reports)

How to upgrade from 2.1.6 or 2.1.6a
Remove mainfile.php and /install directory from the package not to break your current environment. Next, upload files of the package to your server. Finally, do update modules indicating red icon in the module management of the control panel. You may close the site in the control panel to hide your upgrading.

– Gusagi
– Hxrr
– Marijuana
– Mikhail
– Minahito
– Mumincacao
– Onokazu
– Roger
– Salamander
– Tohokuaiki
– Tom_G3X

Change Log
[Bug Fix – From Bug Tracker]
– Fix Bug #2491813 – SmileEditAction include multi byte comment.
– Fix Bug #2491817 – SmileEditAction cannnot delete old file.
– Fix Bug #2591041 – Typo Legacy_PublicControllerStrategy.class.php.
– Fix Bug #2642879 – javascript error in admin area.
– Fix Bug #2642959 – SQL Error in Legacy_Updater.
– Fix Bug #2658360 – doubtful escaping in quoteString()
– Fix Bug #2666693 – Error in /XUpgrade/admin/class/UpgradeProcessor.class.php
– Fix Bug #2686374 – Bugs in class.phpmailer.php v2.0.2 (Updated PHPmailer to v2.0.3)
– Fix Bug #2690736 – typo: X_ITEM_TILE (X_ITEM_TITLE?) default_notify.tpl
– Fix Bug #2690739 – typo in /install/include/functions.php, line 38
– Fix Bug #2696701 – user_lostpass.html email maxlength too short
– Fix Bug #2699408 – Specify 2nd argument of mysql_real_escape_string().
– Fix Bug #2724748 – XoopsMemberHandler::getUserByEmail() cannot get user object.

[Bug Fix – From “XCube” Bug Tracker]
– Fix Bug #2656854 – XC_CLASS_EXISTS loops infinity.
– Fix Bug #2635869 – Abstracts difference of class_exists between two versions.

[Patches – From Feature Request Tracker]
– Request #2642992 – exclude extra trim()
– Request #2662922 – DB Layer can be overridden.
– Patch #2697022 – Package_Legacy¥html¥ – new portuguese translations
– Patch #2697034 – extra_languages¥ – new pt_utf8 translations
– patch #2697044 – missing: XUpgrade and system pt language files
– Patch #2701060 – Path disclosure in xoopsmailerlocal.php (pt_utf8)
– Patch #2701140 – legacyRender: update for Portuguese Files

[Other Changes/Enhancements]
– Request #2682887 – MySQL Database Connection should specify the client_flags
– Legacy Controller class provides LEGACY_MODULE_VERSION constant as phpversion.

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2 Responses to XOOPS Cube Legacy 2.1.7 RC released!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, I found your patch for Blender X Exporter posted here: http://sunday-lab.blogspot.com/2007/03/blender-plug-in-patch-for-xna-animation.html
    Unfortunately, the link is down now – could you repost the script somewhere else?

  2. minahito says:

    Thanks for your comment.

    Sorry, I’ll recover the link to download my custom exporter tonight.

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