XOOPS Cube will orient to mobile gadget

I’m busy same as always. I don’t have time to touch PC and Web. So I’m using iPhone well to enjoy internet.

Now I can not write an entry of my blog, because I don’t use PC at my home.
(I have to go to bed to keep my health, when I come back to my home)

iPhone enables to write blog. I often update my blog on the train. The following screenshot is “Hatena Touch” that is iPhone App for the Japanese blog service “Hatena”.

With this App, I can modify existing entries, write drafts and post new entries.

That’s really useful. Even though I’m a XOOPS Cube developer but use “Hatena”. Because the environment that this App brings is very useful for my life style.

This shows me what I should do. Now, many great developers are there in XOOPS Cube community. They have enough passions and skills to develop XC.

Also I have passions to develop some software that enables to control XC with mobile gadget. Because I want to control my website with iPhone App. If such software doesn’t exist, busy workers can not keep their site.

Therefore I want to develop such software.

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5 Responses to XOOPS Cube will orient to mobile gadget

  1. Yoshi says:

    I just re-started xmobile project at sourceforge.jp. We will support Xoops, Xoops Cube and ImpressCMS. If you feel suitable as a modules for mobile gadget. Don't you join our project?



  2. minahito says:

    Sorry, if I have free time, I will want to join to your project for existing core. But, I don't have free time. So I have to cast very short time to core development. I will write some mechanism of the core, and some Apps on the mobile phone.

  3. Yoshi says:

    Don't mind. You might be make a new style application for Xoops Cube. It's good for xoops cube user.

  4. Miraldo Ohse says:

    This would be very useful

  5. s-video adapter says:

    It is great that XOOPS Cube will orient to mobile gadget by using this you can modify existing entries, write drafts and post new entries. Thanks for this updated information.

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