iPhone 3G S Reservations

Today, I went to the shop in Yokohama and reserved “iPhone 3G S”. The shop will give this new phone to me at 26th, June. I’m looking forward it.

Today is also a release day of iPhone OS 3.0. I has finished upgrading. Upgrading needed much time, because it takes much time to download. I still haven’t used all features of the new OS, but I feel that spotlight is very cool.

XOOPS Cube implements “cubot light” aka action search in the control panel. We should enhance this feature.

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4 Responses to iPhone 3G S Reservations

  1. carrol says:

    Play the worlds largest puzzle n win a apple i-phone, digital

    cameras and ipods every week.

    click on the link below n win a I phone


  2. Nuno Luciano says:

    I think i will wait for the next release as i read there are some important issues with new OS and little hardware improvements. Compared to concurrents, it seems that apple has not other choice than cut prices of iphone.

  3. minahito says:

    Hi carrol,

    I always install some games to iPhone and play sometimes. iPhone is very interesting platform for hobby game programming! I want to develop some games on iPhone.

  4. minahito says:

    Hi Nuno,

    I have to pay much money, since I wanted to get the second iPhone. Yes, iPhone is high-price. Apple cuts prices of old iPhone 3G, but iPhone 3G S is enough high-price but very cool.

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